Rick Stevenson, chair


PSAHPERD Officer Candidate Qualifications


A. Qualifications

                        1.  Present member of the PSAHPERD

                        2.  Division content expertise

                        3.  Three-year continuous Professional Membership

                        4.  Attendance at a minimum of two PSAHPERD Conventions

                        5.  Willing to commit three years to the positions: Vice President-elect, Vice President and Past Vice President


B.  Term

1.  The Vice President-Elect of each division shall serve a one-year term.

2.  The term of Vice President of each division shall commence at the conclusion of their Vice President-Elect year.

3..  The Vice President of each division shall serve as the Past Vice President of the division at the conclusion of their Vice President year.

4.  All elected positions shall commence at the conclusion of the final event of the annual membership meeting (Annual PSAHPERD Convention)

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CELL: (412) 952-8720

The Pennsylvania State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, Inc (PSAHPERD) is a non-profit (501 c 3) education association working to promote quality programs and provide professional development in the disciplines it represents. The PSAHPERD  is committed to the continual professional growth and development of its members,  the expansion and application of the knowledge base and pedagogical constructs, and the support of the professions that encourage active healthful lifestyles by all people in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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