The purpose of the Adapted Activities Committee shall be to promote and develop quality programming and support for professionals engaged in servicing persons with special needs.


  Justin Hager graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2001 with a B.S. of Science in Healthand Physical Education. He went on to teach Health and Physical Education for 11 years in the Hatboro-Horsham School District, where he is currently employed. Justin received his M.S. in Educational
Leadership, as well as, his principal certification from Neumann University in 2007 and 2013
During his 11 years of teaching he has taught Adapted Physical Education to the students in the Life Skills
class at the High School. In 2011, he became the Adapted Physical Education Coordinator for the entire
district. His many duties include teaching students in the autistic support program, life skills program,
learning support program, and emotional support program. Justin researches area programs and past
practices for implementation in the Hatboro-Horsham APE program. Justin maintains all data and records
for students enrolled in APE, including progress reports and end of year recommendations. He created a
progress monitoring database to track students from baseline to end of year. He is also a valuable member
of the students IEP team, providing feedback on their developmental progress throughout the year. Finally,
Justin coordinates participation in the Special Olympics, which occurs every May, where he documents and
trains all students who wish participate in this special event.
He has written and developed a cooperative games curriculum for students in the autistic support program
which supports and develops social response skills. Justin has presented at the PSAPHERD Adapted
Activities conference at West Chester, along with the NJAPHERD Adapted PE conference at Special Olympic
Headquarters in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.
Dennis Williams, Principal of Hatboro Horsham High School reports "Justin Hager has a clear and
focused understanding of physical education and the impact that it has on students of all ages and
ability levels. Justin was tasked with reinventing the school district’s Adapted Physical Education
Program, he has flourished. Working with students and collaborating with teachers K-12 he has created
a program worthy of recognition. He is an advocate for ALL students and helps to embed professional
development that is relevant and effective and has helped advance our programming at the school
district level."
Justin resides in Harleysville,PA with Kimberly, his lovely wife of 8 years, and two sons, Ethan age 6 and
Evan age 2.
PSAHPERD is proud to recognize Justin Hager as the 2014 Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year.


Dr. M. Kathleen (Kat) Ellis is a professor in the Department of Kinesiology at West Chester University. She
specializes in Adapted Physical Education, Deaf Studies, and Disability Studies. A 2001 graduate of Michigan
State University with a PhD in Kinesiology (Adapted PE) and Deaf Education, Dr. Ellis started her career at
the University of Rhode Island before coming to West Chester University in 2009. Her first semester at
WCUPA she developed the Adapted Physical Activities Lifetime Fitness program for young adults with
disabilities. Each semester the program introduces and educates over 20 young adults with disabilities
about various forms of fitness activities promoting a physical active life style across their lifespan. The
program is in its 6th year and recently partnered with Dr. Jeanie Subach to provide nutrition education in
collaboration with the fitness program. Dr. Ellis’ main goal is to ensure that all youth with disabilities have
an enjoyable and motivating avenue for being both physically active and “nutrition smart” in order to
prevent common secondary conditions, especially obesity and sedentary lifestyles. In the future Dr. Ellis
plans on using her expertise as one of two Deaf sports experts in the U.S. to provide similar programs to
Deaf youth and their families.
In the past, Dr. Ellis has served as an aquatics specialist at Camp Abilities at SUNY-Brockport and WCUPA.
She also holds certification as Master Teacher of Adapted Aquatics having been taught by colleague and
expert in the field, Dr. Monica Lepore. Dr. Ellis has over 20 publications related to Deafness and disability
and has also presented on various topics at multiple conferences, including PSAHPERD, EDA, SHAPE,
PSAHPERD is proud to recognize M. Kathleen Ellis as the 2014 Adapted Physical Education Community
Award winner.


(membership/terms of service)

The Chair of the Adapted Activities Committee shall be appointed by the PSAHPERD President, subject to Executive Board approval. This Committee shall consist of a Chair and 6-10 other members selected by the Chair.


            A. Qualifications

                        1.  Committee Chair

                                    a.  Present member of the PSAHPERD

                                    b.  Prior service on the PSAHPERD Adapted Activities Committee           

                                    c.  Committee content expertise

2.  Committee Members

            a.  Present member of the PSAHPERD

            b.  Committee content expertise                                                                    


            B.  Term

1.  The Chair of the Adapted Activities Committee is appointed for a three-year term.

2. The Adapted Activities Committee members shall be appointed for a three-year term on a rotating basis and are eligible for reappointment.       


            C.  Membership

1. Membership on this committee shall include the following:

a. The Adapted Activities Committee Chair

b. Members representing various geographical areas of the State

c.  Members representing various school and community settings


                       2. The  Chair serves on the PSAHPERD Board and the Representative Assembly

Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year

2004 Judy Conroy
2005 Thomas Stoddart

2006 Bev Martin

2007 James Ascareggi

2008 Lorraine Julius
2009 Darlene Anderson
2010 Bernadette Ascareggi

2011 Joanne Judge


* Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year


Adapted Physical Activities Professional Recognition Award

2006 Dr. Monica Lepore   
2007 Dr. Robert Arnhold
2008 Dr. Gene White
2009 Ms. Pamela Arnhold
2010 Dr. David Lorenzi


* Adapted Activities Professional Recognition Application

Responsibilities and Procedures

                                               A. Organization

                                                           1.  Upon assuming the position, the Chair shall perform the duties designated in    

                                                           the Operating Code and as assigned by the PSAHPERD President

                                                                                               2. The Chair shall attend and participate in all PSAHPERD Executive

                                                                                               Board Meetings

                                                                                                           a. Convention upon assuming office (Sunday AM)

                                                                                                           b. Spring

                                                                                                           c. Fall

                                                                                                           d. Beginning of Annual Convention (Thursday PM)

                                                                                               3.  The Chair shall regularly communicate with the PSAHPERD

                                                                                               President and Executive Director

                                                                                               4.  The Chair shall call and preside over meetings of the Committee as needed

                                                                                               5. The Chair shall preside over the Adapted Awards selection


                                               B.  Policies and Procedures

                                                           1.  General Responsibilities During Term of Office

                                   a. Shall serve as the spokesperson for the Committee

                                   b. Shall become familiar with the PSAHPERD Constitution and Bylaws,

                                   the Operating Code, Applied Strategic Plan (ASP) and budgets (PSAHPERD General Budget and Convention Budget)

                                   c. Attend and participate in the PSAHPERD Executive Board meetings

                                   and the Representative Assembly

                                   d. Prepare and submit reports in the proper format

                                   e.  Secure programs and participate in the Convention Planning process

                                   f.   Advocate for high quality adapted programs

                                   g.  Serve as a resource for national consensus documents and legislation

                                   [e.g., American Disabilities Act (ADA), Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)] addressing adapted issues

                                   h.  Identify and collaborate with adapted entities as resource links and education partners                                    

                                   i.  Acquire and disseminate current research centered on adapted programs and issues

                                   j.  Shall coordinate and supervise the Committee Awards

                                   k.  Shall communicate with the PSAHPERD Awards Chair

                                   concerning the Committee Awards

                                   l.  Regularly communicate with Committee members

                                   m. Attend and participate in the Annual Convention

                                   n.  Review and suggest revisions to the Operating Code as necessary

                                   o.  Copy all official correspondence to the Executive Committee

                                   p.  Provide information to keep publications current (Website,

                                   Newsletters, Journals, etc.)

                                   q . Submit expense vouchers in a timely manner for payment throughout

                                   the year with all vouchers due by December 15  to the appropriate person (Executive Director for General Budget or Convention Treasurer for the Convention Budget)



                                   2.  Specific Duties Immediately Upon Taking Office

                                   a. Attend the “new” PSAHPERD Executive Board meeting following convention

                                   b. Update the directory with contact information as will be printed on the Website and in the Winter Journal

                                   c. Read the “Conflict of Interest Policy” and sign the provided form in compliance

                                   d. Review the “Fraudulent or Dishonest Conduct and Whistleblower Policy Statement”

                                   e. Review Journal responsibilities – see Addendum

                                   f.  Confirm all Committee members and contact information to be printed on the Website and in the Winter Journal.


                                   3. Specific Duties Prior to Spring Executive Board Meeting

                                   a. Communicate with Committee members and review their responsibilities

                                   b. Complete Convention Program responsibilities

                                   c. Prepare the Committee oral or written report for the Spring Meeting

                                   d. Prepare to attend the Convention Planning and Executive Board Meetings

                                   e. Review Adapted Activities Awards files to create a list of previous nominees

                                   f. Solicit additional Adapted Activities Awards nominees


                       4. Specific Duties Prior to the Fall Executive Board Meeting

                                   a. Communicate with Committee members to check their progress regarding their responsibilities

            b. Complete Convention Program responsibilities (see addendum)

                                               c.  Prepare the Committee oral or written report for the Fall Meeting

                                   d. Prepare to attend the Convention Planning and Executive Board Meetings

                                   e.  Communicate with all prospective presenters regarding the status of their Convention Program proposals.

                                   f. Coordinate and facilitate the selection of Committee Award recipient(s)

                                   g.  Submit the  Award recipient(s) name and contact information to the  PSAHPERD Award’s Chair and the PSAHPERD President

                                   h. Compose ½ page biography of the Adapted Activities Awards Recipient(s), obtain a digital photo and forward to the Convention Program Chair and the PSAHPERD Awards Chair

                                                           i.  Prepare to announce to the PSAHPERD Executive Board the Adapted Awards Recipient(s)



5.  Specific Duties Prior to Annual Convention

                                   a. Send Convention Program confirmation letters to presenters and presiders

                                   b.  Communicate with committee members to check progress regarding their responsibilities

                                   c.  Prepare a cumulative end-of-year report

                                   d.  Confirm Convention specific Committee program/sessions needs with the Convention Manager.


6.  Specific Duties During the Convention

                                                           a.  Monitor Committee programs/workshops/events

                                               b. Attend the Executive Board  Meetings and the Representative


                                               c. Attend the following sessions/functions but not limited to

                                                           -Awards Luncheon

                                                           -Opening General Session

                                                           -Exhibitor Reception

                                                           -Appreciation Awards

                                                           -President’s Reception

                                                           -E B Cottrell Banquet

                                               e. Present the Adapted Activities Awards during the Awards Luncheon

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Pittsburgh, PA 15220
OFFICE: (412) 489-5608
CELL: (412) 952-8720

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